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Sunday, January 14 // 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Milwaukee Yard, 7727 Longwater Drive, Oak Creek, WI 53154


Interested athletes are encouraged to attend tryouts, however, if you are unable to make this date but still wish to be considered for the team, please complete registration form below and then email


This year, we will be using a sliding scale for registration fees. This model is attributed to Both/And and Resource Generation. 


Please review How to Place Yourself on Our Sliding Scale to determine which rate to pay.

  • Redistribution Rate ($50) -  Redistribution means ‘paying your fair share’ for individuals who have had structural advantage and access to wealth. This rate helps to offset for individuals who pay the Solidarity Rate.

  • Full Rate ($35) -  This rate represents the ‘true cost’ at which we would break even after paying our expenses.

  • Solidarity Rate ($15) - This rate is an attempt to be in solidarity with individuals who are surviving. We recognize that in some cases this rate may still not be accessible, and we encourage anyone to get in touch if that is the case.


  • You must be 18 or older by 1/28/2023 to participate.


Complete this REGISTRATION FORM AND submit payment via the button below.

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