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Why Monarchs? "I felt so empowered after playing the LA99s last year and when I was approached about helping with the Monarchs application I didn’t hesitate to sign on. Raising the profile of womxn and being able to help give womxn a new platform is such an incredible opportunity and important work to do. The incredible support the Milwaukee Monarchs has gotten from our communities reinforces that we’re setting the stage for not only ourselves but hopefully generations of girls who will follow in our footsteps."

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Why Monarchs? "My experience participating in the PUL last year with Indy Red was so rewarding. I wanted that opportunity to be more accessible to athletes living throughout the upper-Midwest. At the same time, I love this sport and I love this city. I feel fortunate to be part of providing the Milwaukee community with more exposure to ultimate and equally excited to share experiences in Milwaukee with the greater ultimate community."

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Why Monarchs? "To me the PUL is the next step in the path to making Ultimate Frisbee a more equitable and inclusive sport - something that as a community we are just now beginning to reckon with. I spent five years playing Ultimate Frisbee in the Milwaukee community, and it shaped the player I’ve become. And while I no longer live there, I love Milwaukee. The city itself has so much to offer - grit, beauty, and community. All something that the ultimate field has to offer too. I’m so excited to return to Milwaukee to lead and represent the Monarchs this year!"

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Why Monarchs? "The PUL is a model for other sports (and non-sports!) organizations to show that accessibility and visibility are possible in an equitable setting.​ Milwaukee is such an underrated city. Our ultimate community has traditionally been in the shadow of our larger neighbors. The Monarchs are a great opportunity to help grow the Milwaukee ultimate community for all players and achieve our potential. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to support the athletes who will represent Milwaukee's professional ultimate team!"



HEAD COACH Becky LeDonne




Monarchs is supported by a group of committed individuals, offering their expertise to make the organization successful both on and off the field. Thank you to:

Our Staff:

  • Ben Iberle | General Manager

  • Benjy Keren  | Game Day Operations

  • Kevin Cannaday  | Game Day Operations

  • Rachel Romaniak | Livestream Coordinator

  • Adam Ruffner | Production Coordinator

  • Alex Leutenegger  | Partnerships Coordinator

  • Madeline Rittgers  | Graphic Design & Branding

  • Jake Wilson | Social Media & Marketing

Our Volunteers:​

  • Alicia Thibado | Accountant, Volunteer

  • Steve Haynes  | Website Support

  • Dan Kaul  | Photography

  • MK Drayna  | Photography, Pastry Chef

  • Brian Benge | Tryout Volunteer

  • Jake Leutenegger | Tryout Volunteer